GKS 10 Top Tips on Moreton Kids Festival

GKS 10 Top Tips on Moreton Kids Festival

Moreton Kids Festival is a chance to celebrate the wide-eyed wonderment and enthusiasm of youth with a program full of family-friendly entertainment and fun!

Before you set out to enjoy your day at Moreton Kids Festival, read these 10 helpful tips from the GKS Law team to prepare for your day at the festival.

Make sure you include in your day to come and say hi to the GKS Law team in the Green Kids zone.

Tip 1

Pack healthy snacks. Moreton Kids Festival can be a big day for the kids. Bring healthy snacks to keep their energy high.

A large array of food trucks will be available at Moreton Kids Festival if you want to purchase food for lunch.

Tip 2

Review the program before event day. You can find the full program online here.

Our top tip, sit down with the kids and go over what shows they want to see, activities and rides they are interested in. This will help your day run smoothly and plan out meal times. It will also help them get to bed early the night before.

Tip 3

Rehearse a plan in case anyone gets lost. It's not something we want to prepare for, but in case of an emergency, your children need to know what to do if they get lost.
We recommend making the Information Tent your first stop for the day to get your Free Child Wristband. This will include the parents name and phone number so if your child is lost, Event or Security staff can contact you and reunite everyone safely.

Tip 4

Be well-rested. Make sure the kids go to bed early and be prepared for a fun day out.

Tip 5

Only pack the essentials, nothing is worse than carrying a heavy bag for no reason. Not sure what to pack? There is a handy list available here.

Tip 6

Dress - It's best to wear comfy shoes, comfortable yet sun-safe clothing. Moreton Kids Festival is held across a large park and you will be walking around for the majority of your day, so you don't want to get caught with a blister. But if you do, please see the First Aid tent located near the Information Tent.

Tip 7

Bring a picnic blanket, we all know how hard it can be to find a table for your group. Avoid the search and bring your own.

Tip 8

Bring some cash, the festival does have ATMs on site but we all know our kids don't like lining up.

Tip 9

Make memories! We don't have many opportunities like this to spend fun quality time with our children, so remember don't spend all your time on your phone. But don't forget to take heaps of photos, we all know how fast these moments can pass us by and we all want to treasure these.

Tip 10

And finally don't forget to visit us! The GKS Team are super excited to be sponsoring the Geckoes Wildlife Show. Not only are we looking forward to your visit, but you also get to visit your favourite reptiles, from snakes to lizards and of course geckoes, we have it all for both the young and young hearted.

An extra tip

Make sure you HAVE FUN!

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday the 13th of October at Moreton Kids Festival!