Kids and Technology: Innovate Kids

Kids and Technology: Innovative Kids

Kids and technology almost go hand in hand now days but there is so much more on offer for kids in the World of technology than people may realise!

Innovation and being an innovator are fast becoming one of the key goals for young people today. With so many opportunities at their fingertips, kids are snapping up every chance they get to learn something new, to make a difference and to create and think up innovate ideas!

Innovate Moreton Bay has partnered with Moreton Kids Festival in 2020 to encourage and inspire innovation and technology at a grassroots level.

From robotics and coding to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and more, Innovate Moreton Bay is inspiring kids to identify, inspire, engage and most importantly to have fun!

We sat down with Steve Butler, Regional Innovation Coordinator for Innovate Moreton Bay and asked him everything kids and innovation!

What resources are available for kids today who are interested in innovation or technology?

There are countless resources and opportunities available for kids today who has a passion and an interest in the world of innovation and STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. Over recent year's schools have started to incorporate STEM based learning more and more into their curriculums. This give kids the opportunity to be introduced to these channels from a young age. By inspiring them and allowing them to have the knowledge and skills to not only pursue their interests further but to prepare them for a World where innovation and technology are at the forefront of progression and development means they are already one step ahead for future jobs and emerging industries.

Many schools have programs such as robotics, coding, and STEM as part of their curriculum now however there are also plenty of extra circular activities, they can also get involved in. These include First Lego League, EV3 Lego Robotics and more. Speak to your child's school about what they have on offer.

There are also outside of schools programs and at home activities they can get involved in such as STEM Punks, Kinetkits and more. These programs and activities are great ways for kids to learn at their own speed and to pick and choose what they want to do.

These programs and opportunities provide kids with the chance to think outside of the box and problem solve in new and innovative ways.

What can parents do to get "up to speed"?

For a lot of parents, the developing world of technology can be a little frightening and to some, very new. There are plenty of ways you as a parent can get yourself up to speed with technology so you can not only understand your child's interest on a deeper level but can relate to them to.

Attending interactive workshops and activations with your kids, taking them to science and technology museums or researching the things that your child is learning about so you understand what they are talking about are all great ways to get up to speed!

What can we expect to see in Innovate Kids at KidsFest 2020?

You'll see plenty of innovative kids getting involved in a range of activities surrounding innovation and technology! Our aim is to inspire the next generation of thinkers and tinkers. There will be plenty to see and do and we hope that each child who visits the Innovative Kids Zone can learn something new and leave feeling inspired and motivated!