What to Bring to Moreton KidsFest 2020

What to Bring to Moreton KidsFest 2020

Thinking of bringing the kids along to Moreton KidsFest this year? We know just how stressful preparing for a day out with the little ones can be, we spoke with our event sponsor Sizzler and together we came up with the top 6 must bring items to ensure you have a stress free day!


Hydration is extremely important when spending the day out in the sun. To save yourself (and the environment) from purchasing throw-away plastic water bottles, bring your own reusable water bottle from home.


Accidents happen. Fun also happens. You never know when you may need do a quick clothes change so it's best to pack a spare set just in case!


Hygiene is key! After all the fun and games, your little ones will need to clean their hands before they tuck into some food. Although there will be wash basins available at the amenities blocks we also suggest packing baby wipes to clean their hands before they munch their lunch. Don’t forget the hand sanitiser to use between activities to help keep those germs away.


We know life with kids is full of falls and tumbles. While we do have a first aid tent on site if medical assistance is required, bringing your own mini first aid kit with band-aids, tissues and anti-septic wash may save time, helping your little one get back to all the fun sooner!


Snap those precious moments of your kids laughing and playing. While there will be photographers at Kids Fest, we can’t guarantee we will capture every cute, silly, or funny moment your kids have so come prepared and bring your own camera or phone.


Kids Fest is a HUGE day filled with lots of excitement and fun! Althought there will be some shaded areas for you to sit under, be sure to bring your sun safety gear including a hat and sunscreen to help keep you and your little ones safe when you're out and about.