Amelie Ecology
Sun 8:05AM & 11:40AM

Where grevilleas grow and basil blooms, Amelie Ecology brings you the Insect Cabaret!

Join Amelie the Blue banded bee and Gabi Stingless bee as we sing beneath the soil, waggle dance amongst the wattle and grow the change we want to see-d.

Cross-pollinating her experience as a pollinator ecologist with musical theater, Amelie Ecology brings life to the life sciences with this participatory musical that invites people of all ages to see the world as ecologists.

With a magnifying glass and ukulele, we can all BEE scientists!

Catch Amelie Ecology on stage from 8:05am - 9:05am and again at 11:40am - 12:10pm! PLUS stick around to see her MC the Green Kids Stage from 8am - 3pm too!

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