Amusement Rides

Amusement Rides
Sun 9:00am - 4:00pm
Brisbane Kids Fun Kids

Looking for fun...this is the place to be! FREE rides all day long!

There'll be all types of fun and thrills at the Brisbane Kids Fun Kids amusement and rides zone.

Amusement rides include:

Horse Carousel

Restriction: Toddlers – 7 Years

Ball Pit

Restriction: Toddlers – 7 Years

Activity Castle

Restriction: 3-12 Yrs

Train Tunnel

Restriction: All ages

Monkey Activity Castle

Restriction: All ages

Cannibal Pots

Think the classic saucer and cup ride but new and improved! The Cannibal pots are larger pots, allowing patrons more space and the pots have an internal wheel allowing children and adults to spin themselves around and around!

Restriction: 3yrs of age +

Pirate Ship

Ahoy, Me Hearties, will you be brave enough to ride the Pirate Ship ride?
A ride perfect for all members of the family, the swinging Pirate Ship is a gentle ride.

Restriction: 3 yrs to adults

Giant Slide

Race you to the bottom! The slide caters for all ages from toddlers to grandparents to anyone that can slide and best of all, they can all ride at once.

Restriction: All ages, some adult assistance may be required for children under two


With an impressive 24 seats The Swinger is a fun ride for all ages. The ride will spins forwards and backwards, lifting unsuspecting riders up in the air!

Restriction: Must be at least 110cm tall to ride


Restriction: 5 years to adult

Land Train (to service the car park / entry gate loop)

Restriction: All ages

Warrior Obstacle Course

This is one for the active little bunnies! Let them try their hand at the Extreme Action Obstacle Course!

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