Kinetikits - All Terrain Bug 

Kinetikits - Sustainable Home
Thu 9:00am- 4:00pm
Innovate Moreton Bay Innovative Kids

Kinetikits Sustainable home - watch the motorized Air con, power tool and washing machine spin into life as the Scale model home is exposed to sunlight.

Explore Sustainability Starting at home! Add an egg carton and grow seedlings, reuse a baked beans can as a water tank and a milk bottle top for the washing machine drum.

Product description: This flat pack kit is a test platform to explore sustainability starting at home. The kit comes with a solar panel and 3 plug in motorized domestic appliances which run directly from the panel either altogether or one at a time. The student is encouraged to bring common reuse and recyclable items to the project such as a milk bottle top (washing machine drum), a tin can (water tank) or an egg carton for growing veggies to extend the basic module. Non coated Eflute card frame and PET packaging are fully recyclable.